Fit 067: Body-Mind-Nutrition

Gyms closings, restaurants and diets, exercises gone wrong!
These are the topics for this podcast!

Recently, my favorite gym announced it was closing. I was sad:(
Sure, there are about 5 other gyms in a mile radius, but this was my workout sanctuary, where I could clear my mind, get my workout done and not be bothered! This made me think about how much I have changed since joining that gym about 12 years ago, when we moved back to Florida. I'll share with you my version of gym life as a journey not a destination!

Can you eat out and still lose weight? Yes! One of my clients has proven that with some smart choices you can still lose weight and eat at a restaurant (he does almost every night!). Portions, planning and good choices make it possible!

Exercises gone wrong!
All exercises shown by "experts" on websites and other media sources aren't always good for you! I came across some of this and was shocked that these exercises were being promoted from a reputable source! In an effort to have some unique "celebrity" workout moves, they must have thrown common sense out the window! Several of the exercises were a recipe for shoulder/rotator cuff disasters! The moral of the story is: you don't need fancy exercises to shape your body! Or maybe the moral is use common sense before copying an exercise.

Updates on Custom Workouts and Club Fit, the new online training site coming soon!

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