Fit 069 Fat loss using Fibrous Carbs

Faster Fat loss using fibrous carbs!

When does YOUR summer begin?
Put pen to paper for a greater chance of success!!

Don't rely only on Cardio to "Peel Off Pounds"
Here's a few changes to make for better fat loss:
  • Add proper eating
  • Do your weight/resistance training before cardio
  • Make your weight training more cardiovascular by increasing reps to 15 max and decreasing rest btwn sets to 30 seconds.
  • If doing a circuit type workout-change the order or exercises or both every other workout!
In this episode, you'll learn about Fibrous Carbs! Here's what is covered:
  • Why you need fibrous carbs
  • How they work for your body
  • Which fibrous carbs to use
  • Common questions
  • How to implement this information TODAY for faster fat loss!

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Link to the show: Fit 069: Fat Loss Using Fibrous Carbs
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