Fit 076: Sleep, planks and muscle!

Sleep for weight loss, planks are a full body exercise and what supplement could help you ladies gain lean muscle!

Mindet: There are numerous studies about sleep and weight loss/weight gain. Is sleep to blame for the obesity problem in America? And what should you learn from these studies?

Training: Exercise Spotlight: Planks. Learn the variations of planks, which muscles are worked (hint: more than you realize!) and how to minimize or eliminate shoulder and wrist pain while doing planks! Kira's exercise DVDs which use the Plank in various ways can be found on or the Allinoneworkout site.

Nutrition: Supplements for lean muscle! Women's Physique RX from Muscle Store USA is my favorite pre-workout supplement. I find it helps with strength during my workouts, translating into better results! More lean muscle means a higher metabolism and easy weight maintenance! Visit their website or the Get Fit Store for further info or to order.

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Here's a link to the show: Fit 076: Sleep, planks and muscle!
Fit 076: Sleep, planks and muscle! Fit 076: Sleep, planks and muscle! July 29, 2009 Rating: 5

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