Fit 078 Why Whey, When to Change your Workout and Brain Boosters!

The importance of whey protein, know when to change your workout routine, and brain boosters for motivation, all in this episode!


Why whey? Whey protein is important to weight loss, workout recovery and muscle building. It is not always easy to get quality proteins in your food everyday. Whey protein in powder form, can pack a whollop of quality nutrients in just a few sips! Just mix 1 scoop and about 1 cup or more of water (if dieting) or juice or milk depending on your fitness goals! Some people even add it to an iced latte! If taking to work, put the powder in a tupperware or a ziploc bag (I like to use the small containers) and mix it when ready. Pre-mixing is not the best, as it can get a little yukky. My personal favorite brand is the Muscle Store Muscleceuticals Chocolate. I also keep a container of vanilla on hand and I mix in my oatmeal! Yum!
Here's some important info on Whey:
  • A quick drink of whey protein can get you 25 grams of muscle building, metabolism boosting protein!
  • Whey has a high concentration of the essential amino acids which help preserve muscle and support the immune system
  • Whey is superior to other protein powders like ones that are soy or egg albumin based
  • It comes in many flavors and many brands
  • carb and fat grams per serving should be low for whey protein powders
The best times to take Whey are:
  • first thing in morning
  • after a workout
  • mid-day blues time
  • late evening
Do you know when to change your workout? The purpose of exercise is to stimulate your muscles to adapt. And they will in time, so that means you have to change your workout. But how? When? We have talked about this in some previous podcasts, but this time I am going to get a bit more specific on when: time vs signs. Yes, you may have a time frame to use as your way of changing your workouts but your body may give you signs before that time that it is ready to change workouts. Take a few minutes to plan and set up your workout log with however many workouts you are going to do before your programs changes. I use the two facing pages to spread 4-6 workouts depending on my plan at the time. That way I can see my progress without flipping pages. It also helps in knowing how to challenge myself and stay motivated because I can see that I have gained strength either in weight or reps for that plan period. I also like to look over my workout & notes while warming up on the bike, it gets me focused on what I need to do and my goals. Use these tips to get better workouts!

On twitter, I am posting a daily motivation, or a brain boost! If you missed the most recent one's here they are:
  • Your body is a team, your head has to cooperate if your body is to succeed! In other words, don't let your head talk you out of a workout!
  • The days that you don't feel like working out, dig deep inside and remember your desired result!
  • With each new day, anything is possible! Can you improve upon yesterday's fitness habits today?
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