Fit 080: Why change your program, Supersets, and diet cola

Training: A deeper look into using supersets for shorter workouts and cardiovascular calorie burn!
Nutrition: Is diet cola making your fat, are sports drinks to blame? Download a free report on this topic.
Motivation: Why should you change your program? We've discussed how, when and other variables of program change, now it's time to learn about WHY you should changed your workout program.

Here's a few key reasons:
  • mix it up for your muscles
  • change before the brain gets bored
  • prevent a plateau
  • try a new exercise
  • challenge yourself to change
As mentioned in the podcast, here is a link to a partner site that has a video library with clips of numerous exercises! Just click on the Video library on the right side. Use it to review proper form or find new exercises for your workout program!

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Here's a link to the show: Fit 080:Why change your program, Supersets, and Is diet cola making you fat?

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