Fit 081 Sample Workouts, Water and Fitness Challenges!

Motivation: The Fitness Forum has a weekly & monthly challenge for you! Past challenges have included eating a different vegetable each week, choosing a different protein source or adding a stability ball to your workout.  Check it out, take the challenge then report back to the forum!

Training: Sample workouts at the Get Fit Store.  Rotator Cuff Strength, Target Tone Arms & Gym Superset Circuit.  Watch the videos to view each exercise.  This is similar in format to the Custom Workout Programs.

Nutrition: Water: Our bodies are mostly water, so do you drink enough to keep your cells hydrated?  Are tea, coffee and juices good substitutes for water? NO! Find out why in this episode!

Here's a link to the show: Fit 081 Sample Workouts, Water and Fitness Challenges!
Fit 081 Sample Workouts, Water and Fitness Challenges! Fit 081 Sample Workouts, Water and Fitness Challenges! September 17, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. Just wanted to let you know that this episode isn't wanting to download for me in iTunes. It will start downloading for a couple of seconds, then just stop.

  2. Thanks for the info! I will get to work on that!

  3. Ok, it is fixed now!
    Was a minor error, that messed it up. Thanks so much for notifying me so quickly!

  4. Hi Kira. I just began listening to your podcast about a month ago and I absolutely love it. Keep up the great work.

    One comment on this particular episode, though. In regards to your assertion that coffee, tea, and soda are dehydrating and cannot be considered a substitute for water in terms of hydration, I thought you might find research done by Ann Grandjean of the University of Nebraska and Lawrence E. Armstrong of the University of Connecticut interesting, as well as this BBC News article: (What makes me sad, though, is that Googling Dr. Grandjean's research can lead you to the Web site of The Bverage Institute for Health and Wellness, brought to you by none other than Coca Cola - ugh!).

    To make a long story short, research seems to point to the fact that drinking caffeinated beverages still results in a net gain in fluid, even taking the mild diuretic effect into account.

    That being said, I think soda consumption is the cause of so many health problems in this day and age, and the super sweetened popular coffee and tea drinks being sold are just soda in disguise. For me, choosing to drink water over these beverages is more about overall health and nutrition than effective hydration.


  5. Thanks for that info, Kirstie!
    You are very right that there are many hidden downsides of popular beverages. It's all about quality, even when it comes to what we drink!


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