Fit 088 Yoga ball video, Concentration & Coffee!

Use the ball and some basic yoga for a stress free stretch! A video clip of a spine stretch you can use for golf, tennis or to relax! Concentration is control in mind and body. Harness this power for your workouts!  Is coffee good or bad? So many conflicting reports make it hard to know what is right! Find out the health benefits of coffee in this episode!

Coffee: Good or bad? Depends on who you talk to about it!  Sure, if you add cream and syrups and sugars coffee can become very high calorie drink! On the other hand, if you drink 2 cups black, you will proably burn about 50 extra calories over the next several hours.

Coffee may lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease and mood problems (we all know about that!). Large doses of coffee, or any other food, is not a good idea. But a few cups a day, added to the plenty of water your already drink, can help your health!

Use the ball and some basic yoga for a stress free stretch!  Yoga can seem intimidating for some people, especially if they are not flexible!  Did you know there are some simple yoga stretches you can do with our favorite piece of equipment-the stability ball?  In this video clip from my dvd Ab Sculpt & Yoga Stretch for Stability Fitness Ball, I show a few easy lower back and spine stretches.  Use them to cool down after a workout or before a sports outing like golf or tennis.  Keeping your lower back and spine loose will help prevent injuries, improve your posture and help you relax after a tough day of holiday shopping!

Learning to harness the power of concentration, improves your mind and body!  Concentration means directing your mind's energies to a specific goal.  Concentration is control, in mind, body and muscle.  Laser focus concentration will help you avoid distractions in the gym and at the dinner table.  Use your mantra from Episode 70 to stay on track.

In workout terms, know what you want to accomplish before you start your workout.  Those little steps that get you to your final goal! Distractions can come easily in a busy gym, or even at home!
As we learned in the Fitness Makeover Workshop 1: Control, you cannot control others, but you can control how you react to their actions.  Having a concentration plan will keep you focus on track despite workout distractions!

Take a moment to write what you feel you need to do, in order to improve your concentration for your workout!

Listen to the show:
Fit 088 Yoga ball video, Concentration & Coffee!
Fit 088 Yoga ball video, Concentration & Coffee! Fit 088 Yoga ball video, Concentration & Coffee! December 04, 2009 Rating: 5

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