Fit 101: Diet Guide, Deadlifts, Overcome Obstacles

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ClubFit forum question about deadlift form. Here is my suggestions:

The best way to do deadlifts safely, would be to keep your shoulder blades pinched at all times.
That will ensure a "flat" back. And emphasize the right muscles.

Here's some extra tips:
1. Pull your shoulders back and down towards the hips.
2. Keep them there thru the entire set!
3. Lower the weight to about mid-thigh or knee (unless you are very flexible).
4. Squeeze your hamstrings and glutes to life your body to a straight position.

Note: You will be working your lower back too, so you might feel it. However, you should not feel pain, just muscle fatigue at the end of a set.

For weights, you can use a barbell or dumbbells. Start light, about 5-10 pounds and do your first set as a warm-up to get the form right. You can increase weight, but if you feel your lower back working instead of your hamstrings and glutes, then you will need to lower the weights.

Learning to pull from the hamstrings and glutes takes some patience and focus, but is worth it when you see the shape your legs get!

ClubFit has several great nutrition guides. Diet 101 and What are my nutrients are must reads! We use these guides to help us achieve permanent fat loss. Check and see if you are eating enough for fat loss, or is your body "starving" for nutrients.

Details and tools to eliminate and overcome obstacles such as:
  • Procrastination
  • Inaction
  • Other people
  • Self-Talk

Listen to the show for all the details: Fit 101: Diet Guide, Deadlifts, Overcome Obstacles

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