Fit 108: Plyometrics, Recipe, Routine Part 3

Plyometrics for circuit training, Personal development-what is your routine-part 3 overcome evening-pitfalls, Scalloped Corn vegan recipe that can be a side dish or a tasty meal!

From our partners at, this video clip of a plyometric squat jump, also known as a vertical jump with arms. This is a great exercise to add to circuit training, especially for home trainers, as it adds both a cardiovascular benefit as well as a strength and fat burning factor to your workout! You work the entire body with this exercise and command much from the glutes and abdominals! This is also a great exercise for those involved in basketball, football, volleyball and other sports! In this episode, you'll learn the secrets to doing the plyometric squat jump safely and effectively! The key is a full range of motion and to land softly on the heels. More tips in the show!

no equipment jump, squat plyometrics and power
vertical jump with arms

(Click on image to view this exercise...)

A Vegan recipe for Scalloped Corn which is also available at Clubfit and part of the “Vegan Recipe book” available at the Fitness Makeover ProShop. This recipe makes a tasty side dish or main meal. Meat lovers can add chicken or ground beef to this for a high protein dinner! Get the full recipe at ClubFit-Fitness Tools-Nutrition section!

Personal development: “What is your routine?”-Part 3. Evening time has its share of pitfalls, with the usual excuses! Learn the common evening time mistakes and how to overcome them to stay on track for your fitness goals.

Some great conversations and questions at the ClubFit Community Forum, non-members welcome!
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Listen to the show for all the details: Fit 108: Plyometrics, Recipe, Routine Part 3

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