Fit 109: Goals, Daily Menu, Pressdowns

Motivation is made up of goal setting and knowing why you are doing each step toward your goal. Defining the goal is part of the work toward achieving it. Planning the steps and knowing your end point is just a critical to success!
1.why (passion/emotion)
2.what is your finish line / end goal for fulfillment-what standards do have to have to feel fulfillment

The Weight Trackers Menu plan has helped hundreds of clients learn how to eat right, lose weight and learn to live healthy! You can download a sample of Weight Trackers Menu plan at the Fitness Makeover ProShop. I have made an example of a daily menu at for you to download at ClubFit! Silver Members will be able to download 1 new a daily menu example each month and Gold Members will be able to download 2 new a daily plans examples month. Membership has its privileges!

What muscle are you using (or supposed to be using) Part 1: Triceps pressdowns. Too often cheating muscles ruin a perfectly good exercise. Learn the common mistakes to avoid to get the most from your exercises!

  1. set posture
  2. pull back elbows
  3. only use elbow joint movement
  4. no front to back movement with the arms, no shrugs


Listen to the show for all the details: Fit 109: Goals, Daily Menu, Pressdowns

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