Fit 111: AudioBoo, Biceps training & Metabolic Set Point

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Exercise dissection: Dumbbell Bicep Curl On Incline Bench Face Down With Underhand Grip aka Incline Bicep Curl. This video shows the forward facing bicep curl. This can also be done laying on an incline bench (back on bench) Either way you biceps will be isloated and burn!

bench, dumbbell bicep curl weight training
dumbbell bicep curl on incline bench face down with underhand grip

(Click on image to view this exercise...)

Your metabolic set point keeps your body in balance. If you have maintained a weight for a long time, then you metabolic set point will be adjusted for your weight. If you lose weight quickly, then your body will try to return to that original set point ie-yo-yo dieting. To get the best results, achieve your goal weight then keep working to maintain it for several months. A little work and sacrifice in the beginning, can mean a lifetime of weight control!

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