Fit 119: Do Things Differently!

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Motivation: Think "I want to do this" and replace I have or need to do this with "I want to do this" Leave your comfort zone! Whether you try a new exercise or nutrient percentage for your caloric intake, make some changes if you are not getting the results you want! If you need help to analyze your workout program or goals setting, then consult a trainer. If you need help with your nutrition plan, then a doctor, nutritionist or trainer can be of help. If you are not getting the results you want, then changes that need to be made!

Nutrition: Did you calculate your BMR with the ClubFit Calculators? It's best to use an average of BMR estimates, since any number is never exactly correct! Most importantly, give your body time to change before you change your calories or percents! It can take from 3 weeks to 6 weeks for your body to begin to change from the workouts you do today! One week on a new diet or workout program is not enough time to determine if it works or not.

Training: Reverse Curls focus on the brachialis muscle. This is a great exercise to make shape the arms! Concentrate on your form, not the amount of weight, for best results!

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