Fit 120 Leg Training Mistakes, Diet Cycle and Self-Talk

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This month's podcast series will focus on Leg training mistakes, the diet cycle and self-talk. We begin with leg training mistakes as the feature topic for this episode. Common mistakes are reduced range of motion on leg exercises, failure to focus on the right muscle and distractions.

A review of the diet cycle! Make sure you read about it before it is the feature in next week's podcast!
Here are the links:
The Diet Cycle explained.
The Key to Permanent Weight Loss.

ClubFit has recipes, nutrition info and meal plans to help you break the diet cycle!

Self-talk & self respect are major topics on the FitnessMakeover Workshop Seminars. These are very powerful tools for weight loss and life success. Start paying attention now to what you say to yourself! That way when self-talk is discussed as a feature, you will be able to adjust your self-talk for better progress in the gym and out!

Other Announcements:
Listen to the show for all the details:Fit 120 Leg Training Mistakes, Diet Cycle and Self-Talk.