Where is Fitgirl?

If you have been wondering where I am lately, I haven't abandoned the podcast and ClubFit, just been busy with a little life drama.

Our air conditioner broke, not a good thing in South Florida, and too expensive to replace given our situation (very long story). But at least I could drain the drip pan and it would keep the A/C running for about 12 hours before it would shut off.

This video is what I had to do every day this summer, then twice a day, before I finally fell into the roof! Well, not completely through, but enough to mess me up badly physically (ouch! my hip, back and shoulder!) and say "No more of this (insert expletive here)!"

So, that lead us (mainly me) to moving out of that house and into my folks. I am sure you can imagine moving the contents of a house you have lived in for 10 years plus, into your childhood home that is fully furnished and full of over 35 years of family items!

Move-organize-ache! Has been the past month.

I deeply apologize to those who have had items delayed from me, but now you know why! Sure there is much more to the story but that's the start!

As for fitness, I would not have been able to do all of this if I wasn't working out! Stretching and light workouts have helped me get past the worst of the pain! I'm looking forward to getting back to normal workouts soon!

BTW, the cameraman is my 7-year old daughter, so excuse some of the shakey footage (or just give her a break! it's her first real camera job!).

Where is Fitgirl? Where is Fitgirl? July 25, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Glad you're back and sorry to hear about the difficulties you've been having. All my best on a fast recovery! I'm be looking forward to listening to the upcoming podcasts... your positive "can do" attitude is very inspiring. Keep up the great work, Kira!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your series of misfortunes Kira. I hope things start looking up for you soon!


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