Fit 129 Exercise Errors, Fast Nutrition, Fun & Motivating Ways to End Workout Boredom

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Dumb things I see people do at the gym! Including 1-arm dumbbell power cleans, that training guru Charles Poliquin calls one of the dumbest training recommendations (read his article)
Below are two videos to show you the exercises which are referenced in his article and in this podcast.
dumbbell power clean olympic lifts
dumbbell power clean

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kettlebell power clean olympic lifts
1 arm kettlebell power clean

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Dumbbell or kettlebell power cleans with fixed dumbbell handles (thick-handled, with rotating sleeves are a different story) can cause injury to the spine, shoulder, elbows and wrists. The main point is that the risks of performing the dumbbell power clean far outweigh the potential benefits.

Eliminate boredom with workouts by using some fun techniques to challenge your knowledge and your body!

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"Eating on the go? I just started law school and finding the time to make healthy quick meals is becoming a challenge. "
The answer in this episode!

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Fit 129 Exercise Errors, Fast Nutrition, Motivation