Fit 133 Flat Stomach, Calorie Counts & Accountability

Getting back on schedule, although a few glitches during this podcast-my dog walking around, my allergies acting up and my mic making extra sounds every once in a while! Oh well, I hope it's good enough!

How to get a flat stomach. Asked many times and recently at the FitgirlUSA facebook site! Of course, nutrition and cardio plus regular weight training for the entire body is a must! But some exercises are better than others and one of them is seen in the gym constantly.

Caloric intake needs to be calculated for effective weight loss and weight management. At ClubFit, the Fast Track program does all of your calculations quickly and precisely. Most people restrict their food calories way more than they need. In fact, you probably could be eating alot more and losing weight faster if your calorie calculations were correct! Get all the info in this episode!

Accountability comes in many forms! You may inspire people you've never met, thanks to the internet! Forums, Facebook, and Blog comments are easy ways to find accountable partners and motivation. We all want to spare others our mistakes and frustrations. That's one of the reasons I do this podcast! See who you can buddy up with for your fitness accountability, whether in person or the virtual world!

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Listen to the show for all the details:
Fit 133 Flat Stomach, Calorie Counts & Accountability