Fit 141: Nitric Oxide,Motivation & Ab Training Part 1

In this episode, find how you can improve your chances of reaching your goals! Learn how to keep your motivation high! If you are not getting the results you think you should be getting or want to get, then you need to take a good look at what is holding you back. Are you being realistic with your goals? Have you set goals and steps to achieve them? assigning blame? Are you impatient?

I'll have a free Webinar soon from the Fitness Makeover Files on Motivation!

Nitric Oxide Supplements, such as BSN Nitrix (pills) or Jack3D PreWorkout (powder). Use these types of supplements for fat loss, great workouts and lean muscle recovery and growth! Learn about them in this episode!

Worst Abdominal exercises Part 1 of 4. Find out what exercises to avoid in the gym, even though you see many people doing them! What's best for ab shaping? The Stability Ball!

Listen to the show for all the details:
Fit 141: Nitric Oxide,Motivation & Ab Training Part 1.