Fit 145: Faith and Body Type Nutrition & Training part 1

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Faith and doubt can sabotage your fitness goals. Doubt arises when you do not believe in yourself or the methods you are using. Following a trusted source, with some faith, can help you stay on track to get the results you want. Often, that means doing things and entering mindsets that are not comfortable or typical for you. This is where faith in your trainer or adviser will pull you through! Learn more in this episode!

Part 1 of body type training and nutrition: the ectomorph. There are no absolutes, you will most likely be a combination of the body types, so listen to each episode to find out your mix and apply the principles! Ectomorphs must pay attention to nutrition to ensure adequate nutrients for muscle growth. These "hard gainers" in terms of lean muscle, should include a post workout drink along with a high calorie, nutrient dense diet. Drinks such as MUSCLE MILK - VANILLA Nutrition Drink or CytoGainer Chocolate are great ways to boost the recovery process! Ectopmorphs who only wish to sculpt, would make use of a post workout Whey Protein Powder
Ectomorph training can be similar to body sculpt training, in the multi-joint, large muscle exercises that are done. However, the ectomorph has the emphasis on strength and lifting heavier weights. As such, the ectomorph will aim for high sets of lower reps and rest more between sets. For example, 8 sets of 5-6 reps. The body sculpt workout could include the same exercises, but with 10 repetitions, fewer sets and no rest between sets.

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Fit 145: Faith and Body Type Nutrition & Training part 1

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