Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fit 146: Mystery of Motivation & Body Type Training Part 2

In this episode:


What is the Mystery of Motivation? Why can it be so difficult to stay motivated? Where does motivation come from? Why do some people have it, while others don't?  What is the difference between staying and becoming motivated?  Don't expect it to be naturally motivated all the time, it takes practice!  You can learn the proven methods at the upcoming FitnessMakeover Academy! Be a friend to get the latest info on the Academy!

Part 1 of body type training and nutrition: the mesomorph. There are no absolutes, you will most likely be a combination of the body types, so listen to each episode to find out your mix and apply the principles! Mesomorphs are built for athletics! Often called "genetically gifted", they can make training and nutrition mistakes and still look or perform great! Mesomorph workouts should include Various Weight training Cycles and variations.  Listen for more workout information in this episode!

Listen to the show for all the details:
Fit 146: Mystery of Motivation and Body Type Training Part 2

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