Fit 147: Meditation and Body Type Training Part 3: The Endomorph

Meditation can help you focus your mind on one single object. The object of meditation should be neutral in emotion and perception. Examples of a meditation object would be your breathing,an image, or sound, such as “Om”. It doesn't matter what you choose for your object of meditation, just stick to the same one throughout.

Focusing your mind on a single object is not as easy as it may sound. Our mind is always working and in motion, it never stops – even when you’re asleep!

You can retrain your mind to be one that is completely focused on a single object with practice and effort, this can be achieved. Whats in it for you? Your goal in life becomes easier to achieve!

Nutrition & Training Part 3 Body Types
The Endomorph tends to have higher proportions of body fat and the majority of it in one region of the body. The "pear shape" would be a typical endomorph with accumulation of fat around the hips and the midsection.

Endomorphs need to pay close attention to their meal frequency and must keep metabolism up via weight training. Ideally, endomorphs (as well as most people trying to lose weight) should weight train a minimum of three to four times per week and do aerobic exercise at least four or five days a week too. As they begin to add muscle from weight training, the boost in metabolism will increase the speed of fat loss.

Remember, you are most likely a combination of all three body types! Regardless of which body type is in the majority, stick with weight training, proper nutrition and sharp focus on your goal!

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Fit 147: Meditation and Body Type Training Part 3: The Endomorph