Fit 151: Pulldowns, Thoughts and Metabolism Makeover

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I am posting here and on Get Fit TV's new website, a video podcast of exercises done the WRONG way!  Unfortunately, I see too many exercises done incorrectly at the gym. I'm pointing out some common mistakes and hopefully, you don't make any of them! This will be an ongoing series, since there is much material to cover! The first video is Fit 151SP: Wrong Way #1: Lat Pulldown showing various errors such as hand position, body position and technique.

Training your mind is the key to keeping motivated! Learn how to change your thought patterns to support your goals! 
Part 1: Negotiating the "put downs"!  Put downs are just negative self statements or self-talk.  You may not realize you are doing this and you may not be able to completely get rid of this negative self-talk, but you can use the energy to change those statements into positive, productive phrases that support your goals.
Don't think this applies to you? I bet it does!
Have you ever thought something like......
I'm so stupid for doing that...
I'm such an idiot for eating all that cake...
How could I skip a meal....
Don't beat yourself up, just change the thoughts! It's important to know that positive thinking on top of skepticism doesn't work! You must actively change the put down or negative thought to a positive one that you can repeat until that thought is transformed and automatic.

Let's take the above examples and change them to positive:
I did something wrong, and I can do it better now.
I ate cake and am on my program for the next meal.
I can plan better to not miss a meal.

Your homework is to find 2 of your put downs or negative statements and tell me on the Facebook page FitGirlUSA what they are. Also, tell me how you rephrased them into positive and productive statements that support your goals.  I'll be able to review them and help you if needed.

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Get the full episode on iTunes or download it here: Fit 151: Pulldowns, Thoughts and Metabolism Makeover

Fit 151: Pulldowns, Thoughts and Metabolism Makeover Fit 151: Pulldowns, Thoughts and Metabolism Makeover August 15, 2012 Rating: 5

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