Fit 153: Back, Biceps, Challenge, Glutamine

Fit 153SP is a video podcast of Triceps and Back  exercises done wrong!  When doing triceps, don't round your shoulders and keep your wrists straight.  When doing cable rows for the back, pull with the back muscles, not your arms. Keep fingers light as not to squeeze them! And lastly, don't overstretch and use momentum, it's not a full body exercise!  Watch the video below:

The 21-day Challenge is at the ProShop and I share with you some of the fantastic feedback I have received from those who have taken the Challenge!

Glutamine provides great benefits for those under stress from life or workouts (or both!).  Glutamine promotes muscle growth and lean body mass, can increase growth hormone, buffers lactic acid for better and longer workouts and has many more overall health benefits.  Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body.  It is critical for many bodily functions such as brain health, immune system and intestinal cells. 

We have a local doctor who recommends Glutamine Powder , more specifically the product Animal Fuel, to the majority of his patients, many whom are over the age of 60! These are patients recovering from surgery, heart ailments, and other major medical issues. We get feedback here at the Muscle Store from these patients and it is all positive and almost miraculous! And these are people who don't even workout!  Obviously, the benefits of Glutamine supplementation have been shown for athletes and non-athletes alike!
Get the full episode on iTunes or download it here: Fit 153: Back, Biceps, Challenge, Glutamine

Fit 153: Back, Biceps, Challenge, Glutamine Fit 153: Back, Biceps, Challenge, Glutamine August 29, 2012 Rating: 5

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