Fit 155:Self Motivation, Shoulder Training, Nutrition Tips

Ever feel like you can't get motivated to workout? Here's a five tips to get your butt off the couch and to a workout!
  1. Just go....showing up is half the battle!   Tell yourself, you'll just do a little bit and by the time your warmup is finished, you'll be wanting to do more!
  2. Make a playdate! Have a pal meet you at the gym, you don't have to workout together just make sure each other makes there!
  3. Focus on THR (target heart rate) training. If you have done high interval training, then this is a cake walk!  Make it a workout to track your THR on various cardio machines.
  4. Go for the core! Make it a core only workout! Who doesn't like training abs! ;) You can use my free Ab Blast core workout at
  5. Have a plan &/or invest in a trainer to give you that plan. Make a follow-up appointment with the trainer for either one week or one month forward.  Knowing that you are spending money on the trainer and have to be accountable at the next appointment will motivate you!
Shoulder Training.  Machines for shoulder training aren't all bad. But for some of us, they can be a bit painful and, well, just not the right thing to do.  The problems is that overhead pressing on a machine forces you to use the machines range of motion.  This can put shoulder joints in vulnerable biomechanical positions. Also, the movement doesn't let you use your hips to assist your shoulders, which is the natural way to push something overhead. 

Alternatives would be standing dumbbell presses. Either simultaneous or alternating. This also engages the core muscles! Another option would be Medicine-Ball Throws. 
You can partner with the person you met at the gym as motivation.  You can also do it by yourself with a wall.

Here's how:  Stand three-four feet from the person or  wall; throw or bounce a rubber medicine ball off a spot on the wall four feet above your head, squatting to catch the ball and rising to throw it upward in one continuous motion. Aim for 5 to 20 reps.  Be sure to use a full range of motion. Bring the ball behind your head before each throw. Don't make it a rebound exercise!

Some events or times of day are harder than others to stay on track. Here's three culprits and how to overcome temptations!
  1. Eating late at night!
    Create new rules for your environment, such as no food in the TV room or bedroom. Brush your teeth. Relax with a warm tea. Start a project that you work on at night. Keep your hands busy and your mind off food!
  2. Social gatherings
    Eat beforehand! You can take a fiber supplement to feel full (a Dr. Oz tip!). Stay away from the food area.  Grab a low or no calorie drink as soon as you get there and keep it in your hands.
  3. Work
    Create a work environment for diet success! Prep and pack your food to bring with you.   Have your drawers or cabinets (or purse) packed with healthy, no-cook snacks and protein sources. Don't go near the temptation areas of the office! These are places where you'd find donuts, vending machines, junk food etc.

Now, here's what I want you to do!
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Fit 155:Self Motivation, Shoulder Training, Nutrition Tips Fit 155:Self Motivation, Shoulder Training, Nutrition Tips September 19, 2012 Rating: 5

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  1. Enjoyed Episode 155. I have a suggestion for how people can motivate themselves to go to the gym. Id you go after work, don't go home first. Take a gym bag with you (trunk of the car) and go straight from work to the gym. Don't go home first. It is a law of physics that 'A body at rest tends to stay at rest.' If your schedule permits, do not go home between work and the gym.


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