Fit157: Interval Variations, Best Breakfast, New Apps!

Fit Girl Guide Podcast has hit the 100 reviews mark! Thanks to all of you that did one and to those who listen to the podcast! You're awesome!

There are three free fitness Apps waiting for you at the App Store! A quick search of "Fitness Solutions of the Palm Beaches" will take you directly to all three Apps!

1. Fitness Makeover App: Great info, like this podcast! Motivation, Nutrition, Training as well as Get Fit TV Videos, Fit Girl Guide podcast links, Facebook check-in and more!

2. Fit Girl Guide Podcast App: Currently, it is slightly similar to the FitnessMakeover App, but has more videos to watch! As these are updated, you will begin to see the differentiating changes!

3.  Motivate Me Now App: In the process of being updated (submitted and waiting for approval).  An endless supply of Motivating images, tips and phrases to keep you on track! The updated version (Version 1.1) has new sections for Training ("Create a Custom Workout") and podcast links.

Download them all, then check-in at with your comments and suggestions!

Variations on interval or sprint training. Interval training boost the metabolism, burns calories and may decrease belly fat faster than other methods! You don't have to go slow/fast to do interval training! Here's some ideas on how to spice up your sprints!

1. Alternate cardio with Strongman type exercises! Bring out your inner beast!

2. Use weight training exercises for intervals of opposite muscle groups, circuit training, or different muscle combinations.

3. Make intervals of a heavy weight training exercise superset with a lighter weight exercise. For example, heavy deadlifts-Rest 10 seconds-light or body weight walking lunges (ie the cardio part!)-Rest 30-60 seconds then repeat for a total of 5-6 sets! Ouch!

4. Hill work! Run/Sprint/Walk as fast as you can Uphill, then jog or walk briskly downhill. Repeat this 4-5 times! Huff & Puff the pounds off!

5. Hit the ProShop for an iPod/iPhone MP3 workout of interval training. Plug in and just follow my directions! Heart pumping music keeps you going too!

What is best for breakfast? You know that you must eat breakfast, but are some menu items better than others? Yes! Your goal should be to have balanced meals-protein, carbs and fats. Make Protein the Priority for breakfast! This will get your mind and body off on the right path in the morning and keep your blood sugar levels stable so that your body can burn fat! You'll have more energy and better focus!

What proteins are breakfast-like? Egg Whites, Turkey bacon, meats. some nuts.  Hmm how to combine these for a power breakfast? Try a 3 egg white plus 1 egg omelet stuffed with leftover cooked  chicken or turkey and some cheese! Yummmm!

By the way, those that have completed the new 21-Day Metabolism Makeover (Fat Blaster), have reported amazing results! It's a great way to kick start your program!

Simple: Get the Apps, Share the Apps, use some interval variations and check-in with me at the Facebook page for FitGirlUSA!

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Get the full episode on iTunes or download it here: Fit157: Interval Variations, Best Breakfast, New Apps!

Fit157: Interval Variations, Best Breakfast, New Apps! Fit157: Interval Variations, Best Breakfast, New Apps! October 23, 2012 Rating: 5

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