Fit 167: Shoulder Training Part1, Supplements, Triple Threat Training.

In this episode: Shoulder training fundamentals Part 1 of a 2 part series on shoulder training, which supplement should you always have, information on the “Triple Threat Training” course.

Shoulder (Deltoid) Training part 1 the fundamentals for shaping and building.  The shoulder is complex and often overused. Which is why it gets injured easily.  You should always include some type of rotator cuff exercises in each workout and focus on balance in the muscles of the shoulder. There is no need for direct Front (anterior) deltoid training. Most of that gets done when you train chest. Bench presses, incline presses or dips, work a large part of the front of the shoulder along with the chest.

Your focus training should be on the middle (medial) and rear (posterior) portions of the deltoids.  Most people lack proper strength in the rear delt, making the shoulders and chest susceptible to injury.  If you play any sports, you should spend more time on the rear delt exercises! Use light weight as these muscles are small and need to be isolated! Check my video on Get Fit TV on youtube (I'll post it asap!) for proper form.  The best way to shape the delts is to use a variety of movements and protocols (ie sets & reps) as well as a mix of workouts. Next podcast I'll give you some sample workouts and innovative protocols!

I recently asked on the FitgirlUSA Facebook page, what supplement or vitamins you couldn't live with out. If you haven't commented then go there and add yours!  My answer would be Vitamin-C (although there are several other vitamins that would be hard to live without). You know I'm a big proponent of Vitamin-C. I've seen it work well with myself and clients for muscle repair and workout recovery.  I recently learned there's a few more great reasons to use Vitamin-C!  Taking 2 grams of Vitamin C post-workout helps to lower cortisol very rapidly. Which is extremely important to muscle recovery and stress recovery! Also, if you take Vitamin-C for at least three weeks, free testosterone will go up. This helps both the guys and gals as it helps us build muscle tissue.

Be sure to stop by the page and give your opinion about supplements you couldn't live with out, and while you are there, let me know how your balance is by commenting on that post!

A few website revisions for you to checkout!

All In One Workout DVDs have Video clips and workout info. The site remains, and the new site is better organized withe more video clips. You can check it out at

Fitness Makeover Feature Programs are at http://fitnessmakeover/club. These 4 programs are not only the most popular of the Fitness Makeovers, they are also the most fun and motivating!

Speaking of motivation....I'm often told that motivation is the biggest problem when it comes to getting in shape. DO you ever wonder why you don't do the things you know you should? Do you ever stop and truly listen to what you say to yourself? We've talked about habits as being repetitive acts and it holds true for thoughts too. “As you think, so you become” and “You are what you think you are” are common phrases that are literally true!

How to we fix that Mindset?  Well, if you've liked the facebook page or follow me on twitter, you may have noticed a few items I am working on in this subject. First of all,  I submitted my first draft of a book based on the Fitness Makeover Part 1: Mindset Workshop. It's not available for sale yet, but if you connect with me on facebook or twitter, you'll be the first to know when it is!

I am developing the Fitness Makeover workshops into an exclusive online course. It's a huge undertaking! I wanted to offer the courses individually, however, your feedback (and thanks for that!) indicated that you'd rather have a combination of all three subjects: Motivation, Nutrition and Training.  I won't be able to go into as much detail as the individual workshops, but these will still be packed with quality fitness and workout information!

Here's some of the details:
The format will be a combination of Video/Audio, Strategy Sheets, Action Checklists, Review sheets and follow-ups! The workshop will run 9 weeks, and is what I call “Triple Threat Training”.  You'll receive in your inbox all the items you need for the course each day.

The subjects will be scheduled as:
Monday: Mindset Motivation
Wednesday: Training
Friday: Nutrition

Keep in mind, that this is an online course, so you can absorb the material on your schedule, any time of the day! You'll have complete access to the Video and download portions, so if you can't watch the video on Monday, then do it Tuesday or whichever day you can that week. I love the flexibility that online training gives and the ability to answer your individual questions too! You'll have a special “Class Only” area for all the Q&As with me!

I'm really excited about this! I'll have more details for you as it gets closer to start time! I'm hoping to have a webinar before opening registration for this “Triple Threat Training” course! There will be a definite start date at which registration will close. But don't worry, if you can't start this “semester” you can always sign up for “second semester”!  As I've been creating the outline of material, I can already see that I'll eventually be creating either a “post graduate” course or the individual workshops online so I can go into greater depth on each topic.

For now, be sure to Sign up for first notification, (along with discount coupon codes)!  You can do that at .  As a bonus, you'll receive free the “Crazy Core Workout”. This is a hybrid workout that combines audio and video instruction. You can do the workout anywhere! At home, at the gym, or even outdoors! Compatible with most devices such as smartphones and ipods.

One last item! There are only 8 of the original Fitness Makeover kits left! These kits contain the dvds of each of the live workshops (that's three dvds), Personal Training exercise instruction teaching proper form, along with the workbooks and notebook. You also get the first 50 episodes of the podcast on cd!  When these physical kits are gone, that's it!  So if you want to own one, get to the ProShop and get one before they are gone forever.....well....I'd rather say "reformatted" into the online course ;)

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