Fit166: Glute Training Part 2, Protein Myths "I am" Statements.

In this episode: Part 2 of Secrets to great glutes, "I am" statements for success and Protein Myths.

Glutes part 2: Improve your glute training!
  1. Use a variety of exercises. there is no one specific, "best" exercise for the glutes. Plus, you don't really isolate them because several other muscles are involved in all glute training.
  2. Sled train! Those of you lucky enough to have snow, can train your glutes with a Sled Sprint or just pushing a sled with a low stance. Load up the kids and work those buns!
  3. Correct structural imbalances & posture. Poor posture is usually an indication of tight muscles and unbalanced strengths,  This causes a limited range of motion and will impact your ability to perform exercises correctly.
  4. Develop your glutes to be the best that YOUR body shape can be! Don't compare yourself to anyone else! The shape of your muscles is unique! 
Protein Myths! Does turkey really induce sleep? No! Thanksgiving turkey gets a bad rap! Let's look at the  L-tryptophan in turkey – a 200-calorie serving of turkey contains about 507 mg of L-tryptophan. That is almost the same as in a chicken serving (491 mg). Actually, there are many other foods higher in tryptophan than turkey. Its not the turkey that makes you sleepy, its the carbs!

Use your mind along with positive suggestion and visualization to achieve your goals!  "I am" statements...remember these....have you done yours recently? Your own mind develops your self-belief, and your determination to make any successful changes to your life. The 'I am' element is a powerful one because it embodies the sense of self-determination.  We all have value and worth, yet sometimes we fail to see it!  Accept your worth and value and reinforce it with the right statements.

Remember, all statements must be positive, present tense! For example, if you want to be more confident, use a statement such as 'I am a confident person' rather than 'I will be a more confident person'.  If you want to stop smoking, use a statement and a reason why such as 'I am a non-smoker, because I value my life and body' rather than 'I will try to give up smoking'.

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