Fit 180: Illusions In Advertising, Motivation, Watermelon: Weight Loss Friend or Foe?

In this episode: The truth about before and after photos used in advertising. What motivates you? Watermelon, weight loss friend or foe?

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I recently read an article by Andrew Dixon, called “Seduced by the Illusion.”  It's a fascinating article that shows how before and after photos for weight loss products and exercise gimmicks  aren't always what they seem. You can read the full article here: “Seduced by the Illusion.”
You'll see how the author makes it look like a 6-month transformation occurred in the course of one day!

Similar to that deceptive concept, we are hearing more news about people’s weight-loss photos being stolen and used as advertising for diet or weight loss companies! Here's a link to one example of a blogger who chronicled her weight loss story, only to find her photos being used as advertising for a diet company.  According to the advertisement, she got results from their product in a very short period of time.  When the truth was the results that took her a hard earned year or more to accomplish. Check her out on Good Morning America in this link. 

Just in case you wondered, the before and after photos and results numbers (inches lost and weight dropped) on my websites are all real! These are real people who have kids, jobs, crazy schedules, just like the rest of us!

Here's a few dumb things I see done in the gym. Today I saw a lot of incomplete range of motion, a trainer with client doing a 1-arm row with their back round (ie all shoulders) and people training with weights at far to fast a tempo! As for the 1-arm row, I am posting a video of how to do the exercise properly. Notice how the shoulder blades stay pinched as the elbows pull back. Shoulders are not rounded, but kept out of the movement. Watch the video, then go workout smarter, not harder! VIDEO POST 

Question: Would you “attend” an internet live &/or recorded group exercise class with me? At a set time or on demand? Yes, it's another of my great ideas that needs to get the kinks worked out first! Send me a message on the facebook page or email me, or even comment here on the blog and let me know if you would be interested in this type of training.

I also want you to tell me what motivates you to workout?  What gets you to begin your exercise routine? Possible answers: I schedule it, I know I have to do it, I begin because I know I will feel better when done. Send me your answers!

Watermelon: Weight loss friend or foe?
Watermelon is a low-calorie food, containing only 46 calories per cup. A cup of watermelon contains less than a gram of fat, about 139 grams of water and a small amount of fiber. Watermelon can help fill you up and make you less likely to eat other, higher-calorie foods included in the same meal.

False Foe:
Some programs focus on the glycemic index, which is a measure of how quickly the carbohydrates in a given food raise your blood sugar levels. Watermelon has a high glycemic index, a measurement of 76 on the 100-point scale, so people sometimes think that this means watermelon will ruin their diet and make them gain weight. However, lets put this in perspective: a 1-cup serving of watermelon contains only 11 grams of carbohydrates, so it would take 10 cups of watermelon to reach the 100-gram threshold used to measure the glycemic index of a food. You'd float away if you at that much in one sitting!  Watermelon is a weight loss friendly fruit! Watermelon contains extra nutrients that help you function at your best. It's is high in potassium, vitamin A and magnesium.

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Fit 180: Illusions In Advertising, Motivation, Watermelon: Weight Loss Friend or Foe?

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Fit 180: Illusions In Advertising, Motivation, Watermelon: Weight Loss Friend or Foe? Fit 180: Illusions In Advertising, Motivation, Watermelon: Weight Loss Friend or Foe? August 27, 2013 Rating: 5
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