Fit 182: Chest Flye, Compliments, Food Substitutions

In this episode: Chest Dumbbell Flat flye proper form and video, Build Self-Esteem and Self-confidence by Accepting Compliments Gracefully and  food substitutions when cravings hit!

From the book MINDSET MAKEOVER: Stay Motivated, Get the Body You Want and Live the Life of Your Dreams! Bonus Coaching Chapter #1: Build Self- Esteem and Self-confidence! There are many steps provided in this chapter to help with self-image and self-esteem, in this episode, we'll review how to "Accept Compliments Gracefully."

When someone gives you a compliment, do you say "Thanks" or do you disregard it, or  disagree with it?  Don't roll your eyes and say, "Yeah, right," or shrug it off! Accept the compliment and respond with respect! A simple “thank you” works just fine. You don't have to agree with the compliment, just accept it!

Don't criticize or belittle yourself! Remind yourself that you are worthy or respect and compliments given to you!  Learn more about this in the Mindset Makeover book available in paperback at

Substitutions & tips for food cravings! When you get cravings,  stick to liquids such as :
  • water
  • decaffeinated sodas
  • teas
  • coffees
Carbonated (mineral) water or Perrier are great choices to help keep appetite at bay. According to experts, thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Drink an 8-ounce glass of water at the first sign of hunger and waiting a few minutes, before making the decision to eat.

If you need some guilt free snack ideas, consider these:
  • Fresh veggies with fat-free dip 
  • Spinach salad as much as you like! 
  • Gelatin desserts, sugar-free, all flavors 
  • Cucumbers and carrots
  • Popsicle, Cream pop, frozen, sugar-free
  • Goldfish-style crackers in snack size 
  • Vanilla wafers 2-4 
  • Flavorings Vanilla extract, pure , maple extract and others work great when you want something sweet
  • Salsa, tabasco sauce, taco sauce, and lite soy sauce can be used at meals or with veggie snacks.
  • Apples.  According to nutrition experts, apples have few calories and an equally few amount of carbs, but taste great and lots of fiber! Apples are great for you, and fill you up before you have a chance to overeat, making them one of the smartest sweet treats you can eat!

Chest Dumbbell Flat flye proper form and video. Note the positions of the elbows and full range of motion. Keep your shoulders and rotator cuff muscles safe! Are you making any of these common mistakes?
  • Arms too straight
  • Doing a partial range of motion 
  • Using too much weight
  • Doing a flye that looks like a press
  • Elbows rotating toward ceiling (rotator cuff ..ouch!)
Download the video (right click and save as...) and use it in your next workout. I give you instructions on proper form and count to keep your pace smooth and controlled!

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Fit 182: Chest Flye, Compliments, Food Substitutions

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