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In this episode: Top foods for fat loss, Pec Deck Machine for Chest, Your Beliefs

There are actually many foods that you can add to your menu plan to help you lose fat and get a lean, tight body. Regular workouts, along with a solid eating plan will get you in shape faster while still having plenty of energy and motivation! There are many of such foods, and today we will cover three of these top “Foods for fat loss.”

First of all, What is the criteria that makes certain foods great for fat loss? Foods that support your body to do one or more of these things, will be good for fat loss:
  • Increase the body’s use of fat for energy, shifting it to burn fat instead of carbohydrates.
  • Decrease chronic inflammation and
improve the sensitivity of cells to insulin so that blood sugar from carbohydrates is used for energy or stored as muscle glycogen and doesn’t turn into fat.

  • Improve the body’s internal detox system to help elimination of waste products which slow the metabolism.

  • Support tissue repair and increase your body’s resting metabolic rate so that more energy is burned when your food is broken down.

  • Improve the endocrine response to food—which has multiple benefits, such as lower insulin and cortisol, better elimination of excess estrogen (less water retention), and higher leptin, which dulls feelings of hunger.

#1: Whey Protein 
Supplement with whey protein daily to increase your metabolic rate, antioxidant status, and support tissue repair. Whey protein, which can be found in dairy products and taken as a supplement, is a super food for body composition. Whey enables your body to repair tissue and burn fat. It also increases enhances your body’s internal antioxidant system. For example, a study that had two groups of men. On group took 22 grams of whey protein daily in conjunction with a strength training program, the second group only strength trained and didn’t supplement with whey. The group that had whey lost more body fat than the the group that didn't use whey.

#2 Vinegar
Balsamic and white wine vinegar are some of the most delicious vinegars, but you can add any kind to your meal daily and get the fat loss benefits. Here's why: Vinegar aids the body in storing carbohydrates as muscle glycogen rather than storing them as fat. Studies show eating vinegar as a seasoning with meals can improve pancreatic function, and lower the insulin response to carbs. Even if you just add vinegar to your salad or cruciferous vegetables, it can lower the insulin response to your whole meal, leading to a more moderate elevation in blood sugar.

#3: Broccoli and Fibrous Vegetables 
The cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower help the body clear excess estrogen—both naturally occurring and chemical estrogens such as BPA. By a variety of mechanisms, compounds in these veggies can interact with the genes involved in estrogen binding, while clearing estrogen from the body. In addition, research shows that the high fiber content of these veggies will delay carbohydrate absorption, favorably modifying the glucose response. Their inherent high fiber brings about a very moderate insulin response, thus making them an ideal fat loss food. Dark green vegetables usually have a large antioxidant content as well.

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Chest Pec Deck Common mistakes:
  • Using too much weight 
  • Using too much shoulders
  • Rounding of shoulders
  • Leaning into the move
  • Going too fast, sloppy
  • Pushing unevenly
You don't have to use handles on the machine. If you have shoulder issues, you are better off with with flat dumbbell flye.

When doing the Pec Deck, think of it as the flye on the bench. Keep your shoulders back and down and out of the movement. The best repetition range is 8-12. Remember, weight is not as important as the form!

Watch the video to see:

Beliefs.  How can beliefs be very dangerous? Because, if you believe you are fat, then it is true in your mind. Continuous thoughts become beliefs. It does not matter if these thoughts have any amount of truth or not!

“What you believe, is true to YOU.” 

 Much of your self-talk comes from the programming of other people. What you are told when you are young, comments made about your appearance or your work. Put downs, sarcasm, jokes and criticism have all molded your self-talk. All your life, you have let other people control and influence your self-talk! Not anymore! You can become your biggest advocate and best supporter! You can learn to support your efforts and goals! Create new habits and new thoughts. If you need more information, check out the book "Mindset Makeover" available at The Book 

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References: Charles Poliquin, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
Fit 188: Fat loss foods, Pec Deck, Beliefs Fit 188: Fat loss foods, Pec Deck, Beliefs November 01, 2013 Rating: 5
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