Fit 197: Free Video, Lose Inches, Get Motivation!

In this episode, a video quickie workout with the Stability Ball that hits your core and whole body, proven techniques to lose inches in days, and motivation vs mindset is there a difference?


When you are short on time, use this free video of a short, but sweet,  full body Stability Ball workout!  It has a great abdominal sequence as well as ab work throughout!

You can download the video here, or watch it on the GetFitTV channel at Youtube. The Stability Ball video includes instruction, counting and music. Here are the exercises used:
  1. Plank pushups 
  2. Lower ab roll-ins 
  3. Leg curl with bridge 
  4. Ab sequence

I am working on weight loss guide called “5 Proven Techniques to Lose 5 inches in 10 days-How to drop weight fast and be healthy.” It will be a free download and I hope to have it completed and ready for download by next week, or at least for the 200th episode! In the meantime, here's a few more tips:

Blue Plate Special
What's so special about a Blue Plate? Apparently, research has shown that  you eat less when you use a Blue Plate. The more contrasting a food color is to the plate on which it's served, the less appealing the food is. The Blue Plate acts as an appetite suppressant.

According the research, when you food and plate colors are similar, you tend to eat more! Interesting! Give it a go and let me know your thoughts! Also, it didn't designate the specific shade of blue. I'll leave that to you to test various colors and get back to me!

Serve Restaurant Style
Instead of lining up the bowls of foods at dinner and handing them around the table, (then setting the bowls right on the table), leave food on the kitchen counter (away from reach). Create your plate of food before you sit down to eat. When you’ve cleaned your plate, take a breather then decide if you really want seconds.

Snack Before Dining 
Meeting friends for dinner? Grab an apple or a small cup of yogurt beforehand. This helps ensure you’ll eat a reasonable amount of any enormous entrĂ©e and take half of it home (rather than overdo it). Make sure to eat more the protein for the snack.  Research shows that an afternoon snack of Greek yogurt can lead to reduced hunger, increased fullness, and less eating come dinner time!


Is there a difference between motivation and mindset? Let's look at the definitions of each:

Motivation- noun;
  • the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something
  • the act or process of motivating someone
  • the condition of being eager to act or work
  • a force or influence that causes someone to do something

Mindset- noun;
  • a particular way of thinking
  • a person's attitude or set of opinions about something
  • a mental attitude or inclination
  • a fixed state of mind 

Here's how to use this:
  1. Set your goal, realistic and timely
  2. Create your Mantra or I am statements
  3. Repeat your mantras often...this becomes your attitude, or mindset.  
That mindset gives you the confidence and the motivation you need to do what is necessary for you goal.

Research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control. Decide what you want to achieve, power through the painful period, and become the person you desire! Strong, confident and a success!

Create new habits and new thoughts. Grab my new book, (available in paperback) "Mindset Makeover," available at The Book Contact me for private coaching at

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Fit 197: Free Video, Lose Inches, Get Motivation!

Download the free workout video here: Right click to save video or view it at Youtube GetFitTV Channel.


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Fit 197: Free Video, Lose Inches, Get Motivation! Fit 197: Free Video, Lose Inches, Get Motivation! February 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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