Fit 202: Ab Video Tubing, Clean Plate, Reasons

Abdominal training video using resistance bands, changing your thoughts about the clean plate club and know your reasons!

Remember the “Clean Plate Club” from your youth? In childhood, many of us were told that we were not allowed to leave the table until we finished all the food on our plate. While this was done generally with the best intentions in mind, it is not the way that we should look at eating. You don't need to eat everything that is on your plate.

If you've had enough to eat you should stop whether there is more food available or not. You shouldn't need to get rid of food as these days it is no longer necessary to be concerned with keeping the food fresh as it was in the past. Stop eating and put that excess food into the refrigerator where you can eat it tomorrow.

If you are constantly finding there is additional food left when you are satisfied then you need to reduce the quantities that you are cooking or making available for your meals each day.

It is better to have a little less than too much!

Don't feel obliged to eat all the food that is placed before you when you're eating out. Even then you should only eat to feel comfortable and not feel full.

For most people, it is a habit to eat everything that is on their plate and this belief has been drummed into them from childhood. Now is a good time to reverse that train of thought.

Where possible put the food on your plate that you intend to eat at any particular meal and then take that plate with the food to the table. This will encourage you to put limits on the amount of food that you will eat. Having additional food available at the table only encourages you to eat more. If it is not in sight you are less likely to feel the need to eat it.

Know your reasons!

It's not enough to have a goal! To achieve that goal you must take consistent action. How do you stay motivated when your goal may take months to achieve? How do you commit to the small daily tasks that must be done to make you goal a success?

Motivation comes from knowing why you want to accomplish this particular goal. Know your reasons! Write them down with each goal you have. It's these reasons that will get you off the couch and to the gym when you don't feel like it! It's these reasons that will prevent you from binging when you are sad or frustrated.

Have powerful reasons! If your reasons for a goal are superficial or half-hearted, your motivation will be low. You don't need many goals, just ones that have powerful reasons behind them!

When you write your goals, deadlines and actions, be sure to add your reasons too! Review all of your written guides daily to create the habits you need for success.

Resistance Bands add a new component to any exercise. The resistance on the negative and positive of the movement keeps your muscle under tension and working throughout the entire range of motion.

If you're bored with regular abdominal exercises, use this mini ab routine! You'll focus on lower abs, core and obliques! This exercise is just one of the innovative exercises from the DVD Got More Bands? Resistance Band Workout #2.

By the way, this DVD has 3 full workouts, using the bands in 3 various configuration! Lots of variety to get you in shape! You can see more preview clips and exercises for this workout at the All In One Workout DVD website.

The video is formatted for iPhone, Tablets and any other media player! Download the ab workout from Got More Bands? Resistance Band Workout #2 below:

Resistance bands abdominal exercises, click (or right click and save as..) to download.

P.S. this is only part of the ab portion! Many more good exercises on the full DVD!

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Fit 202: Ab Video, Clean Plate, Reasons

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Fit 202: Ab Video Tubing, Clean Plate, Reasons Fit 202: Ab Video Tubing, Clean Plate, Reasons April 22, 2014 Rating: 5
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