Are you ready for a Reboot?!

FYI- I am so excited!!!  We are really close to wrapping our long-awaited QuickFit Club Reboot!  Just a few decisions left to make....... and I need your help! 

By answering six quick questions about workout length, format and other preferences at the QuickFit Club Reboot Survey (click here) you can help me make your workouts the best part of your day!

Remember, the video workouts from the original QuickFit Club are still available for you to do until the new site launches!

Jump over to the Club Reboot Survey (click here) right now!  

Thanks for your help!

PS  I'll be posting a new podcast tomorrow and want to hear how everyone's "No Cardio" challenge went this week!  Tell the truth!!! How many days did you make it with  no cardio?? Leave a comment below or on the Facebook Page FitGirlUSA

Are you ready for a Reboot?! Are you ready for a Reboot?! September 08, 2015 Rating: 5

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