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Fit 238: Supplements to Eliminate Carb Cravings, Useless Exercises, ClubFit Motivation

Three exercises that are a waste of your time, supplements that help eliminate carb cravings, and the best workouts for tone and fat loss in the gym, plus updates. All in this episode!

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Supplements that Eliminate Carbohydrate Cravings
There's no Quick fix for anything especially getting in shape, but there are many supplements that can help you manage your food cravings. Here's two:

Glutamine not only helps with carvings but is also essential in recovery from workouts. Its definitely a must have if you are training hard, under stress and have carb cravings! How does it help control carb cravings? It actually works more through your mind and brain than stomach!

Glutamine is used as an energy source by your brain. It can helps by eliminate obsessive thoughts about food, and lower your desire for carbs when you're in a bad mood. Glutamine has a calming effect especially in compulsive personality types. It's often used for addiction treatment. But remember, there are many other benefits of Glutamine than just these!

How much is needed? Of course, the right dose depends on your body and history, but, usually 1 to 2 grams of glutamine in water before meals can help reduce carb intake. If you tend to crave sweets all the time, try mixing 2 to 10 grams of glutamine with coconut oil or heavy cream to combat temptation.

Carnitine is often used to help with weight loss because Low carnitine levels can effect your ability to burn fat. Ike glutamine, Carnitine is an amino acid. Its main function is to transport fats into the cells to be used for energy in your body. You can see that with low carnitine levels, you'll be slow to burn fat and your energy levels will drop.
Yes, you can get carnitine from foods. But you may have to supplement depending on how much carnitine rich foods you consume each day. For example: Beef has the highest content of carnitine—4-ounces of ground beef supplies about 90 mg. A cup of whole milk supplies 8 mg of carnitine, and chicken and fish provide even less.

Most likely you'll need to add 500 to 2,000 mg/day, in a supplement form.

Keep in mind that these supplements have many other benefits beyond what is discussed here. Be sure to do some of your own research and/or talk with your doctor before adding new supplements to your diet
Three exercises that are a waste of time.... and you're probably still doing! Chances are, you've done (or still do) some of the exercises. And have heard me talk about them before! It's time to STOP, just stop doing these!

DON'T SO IT!  Inner/Outer Thigh Machines ie the Abduction/Adduction Machines: 
In the case of injury rehab, muscular imbalance and a few other issues, this machine can be helpful. But as a method to lose weight and tone the legs, forget it!

Women seem to gravitate towards these machines, to work their trouble thigh areas. I've said it a million times before YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE!  You cannot eliminate fat from a targeted area of the body

In addition to not reducing the fat on your thighs, this exercise is considered an "isolation movement," making it even less effective for weight loss.  Working small bodyparts doesn't expend as much energy or calories as larger ones. In other words, less calorie burn and minimal impact on your metabolism = no results!

Stick to compound movements (such as squats and lunges) if you want to improve your legs. These moves burn more calories and have greater impact on your metabolism! If you find them difficult...there's a reason! They work! Now, go squat!

DON'T DO IT! Behind the Neck/Head Exercises: Lat Pull-Downs and Shoulder press behind the neck
A few don't go by when I see someone doing these.  Sure, maybe a few people have shoulder joints mobile enough to keep their spine straight during this exercise and not injure their rotator cuff system. But the rest of's just not worth it!! Front pulldowns, to your upper chest or collarbone are more effective, target the back muscles better and are much safer on your shoulders.

DON'T DO IT! Abdominal Crunch Machines:
It may seem like a good idea, but in reality there are far better choices! You may think y9ou are isolating when using a machine for abs, but you are actually using your arms and legs more!  Face it, your abs never work alone! You're much better off letting the core do its own work and sticking to some solid exercises (as long as done correctly) such as V-ups, Reverse Crunches and Hanging Leg Raises and of course the stability ball crunch.

What is ClubFit and how will it motivate me?
ClubFit is great if your workouts are mainly in the gym. Sure the workouts can be done at home too, however going to the gym with a plan and a log can make your workouts more effective in less time! Check out the ClubFit guides and take the tour for full info!

The best workouts to tone and burn fat are larger body part, compound movements along with supersets and consistency! The ClubFit workouts are just that! These are the workouts I used with clients who lost anywhere from 10 pounds to 10 inches in the first month! Yes, without any changes to their eating!

If you need to boost your metabolism permanently for weight loss and weight maintenance and are lost in the gym or just need a plan to follow, then Clubfit is for you!

There are two memberships:
Gold: For intermediate and advanced exercisers. New workouts every 2 weeks, video guides, workout log and a free downloadable iPod-PT session! That's like working out with me in your earphones!
Silver: For beginner and intermediate exercises. New workouts each month.

Both have checkins and  ton of fitness tools such as diet info, goal setting sheets and more!

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Fit 238: Supplements to Eliminate Carb Cravings, Useless Exercises, ClubFit Motivation

Fit 238: Supplements to Eliminate Carb Cravings, Useless Exercises, ClubFit Motivation Fit 238: Supplements to Eliminate Carb Cravings, Useless Exercises, ClubFit Motivation April 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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