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Fit 239: Do Artificial Sweeteners make you fat? MetCon Training, Attitude Adjustment

Do artificial sweeteners make you fat? Find out what the research really shows! Met-Con training-what is it and how you can use it to drop fat in less time! Think Yourself Slim-how to adjust your attitude for success!


I recently heard on the radio talk about Diet Coke causing weight gain. The DJs said they "heard it caused weight gain because of the artificial sweeteners. Yikes! If you don't know for sure, don't say it! So here's the real scoop on this myth!

First of all, you know I like to back up what I say by evidence! I also believe that the media tends to make statements based on little or skewed information. Also, science and studies are only as accurate as the parameters used. So, as always, consider the source and the context!!!

Now for the Diet Soda, Weight Gain issue. Most of the news stories and blog postings reference the same few studies:
1. Research in rats conducted by two investigators at Purdue University.
2. Two studies that followed soda drinkers over time.

 In reality, the answer these studies found was, simply, that science is far from conclusive! There was  little support that artificial/no-calorie sweeteners stimulate appetite or contribute to obesity. Of course, researchers say that more testing is needed to know for sure if there is an correlation.  Conversely, research showed, what I think is common sense, that sugar sweetened carbonated drinks can be linked to obesity.

That means that all the hoopla over the  "supposed" evidence that artificial sweeteners cause weight gain and obesity. Is not substantial!  Listen to the episode to hear all the details about how the studies were conducted and the findings.

Further observational studies showed, it is impossible to say if the diet sodas played a direct role in the weight gain. What they do point out is that possibly people switch to diet soda when they begin gaining weight without addressing other aspects of their diet that are causing the weight gain. Yes, now that makes sense!

One prominent doctor and researcher of this subject calls this the “Big Mac and Diet Coke” mentality. Meaning that people with very poor diets disproportionately drink diet sodas. Such as those people who eat high-fat, high-sugar diets, but also drink diet sodas.  They also point out studies showing people who drink artificially sweetened sodas as part of a calorie-restricted diet lose weight. And that the current body of available science shows that low-calorie sweeteners -- such as those used in diet soft drinks -- can help reduce calories and aid in maintaining a healthy weight. The American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association support the use of no-calorie sweeteners to restrict calories and sugar intake.

 Overall researchers agree, sugar substitutes and other non-nutritive food substitutes have little impact on weight one way or the other.  In their research review, doctors concede that use of no-calorie sweeteners possibly promotes a preference for sweeter-tasting foods. But, they conclude that it's not clear whether that affects weight gain -- and they say calorie-free sweeteners could help people control their weight, if used instead of higher-calorie sweeteners.....but that is another podcast topic!

Bottom line: Eat right, drink a diet soda if you like it, but don't expect miracles or weight gain from it!

Fat loss training-weights, supersets, sprints, all together!

MetCon is shorthand for Metabolic Conditioning. This type of training uses a combination of strength training exercises and anaerobic conditioning drills.  

Metabolic conditioning, aka MetCon, is a specific type of interval training designed to improve the delivery of nutrients to the body with set rest and work ratios. A 30-on/30-off ratio would mean you’re going all-out for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second rest. Sounds too tough? That's ok, you can start with  to 20/60 or 15/45 depending on your fitness level. Whether you’re getting started with a new workout routine or adding metabolic conditioning to your regular training program, you only need to do a few MetCon sets each week for the benefits.

(I'm short on time and want to get this posted, so I'll add more details and sample workouts later this week! Also, more details for the motivation section too! )

Think Yourself Slim-how to adjust your Attitude for success Here's an  8-step plan will keep you on track.
 1. Define Your Motivation
2. Choose an Attainable Goal
3. Follow a sensible, healthy plan or Design Your Own Plan
4. Visualize the New You
5. Get Your Priorities Straight Start by making "commitment appointments."
6. Uncover Emotional Obstacles
7. Acknowledge and record every victory
8. Forgive Yourself

Turning negative thoughts into encouraging ones will propel you to keep at it until you finally reach your goal weight!

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Fit 239: Do Artificial Sweeteners make you fat? MetCon Training, Attitude Adjustment

Fit 239: Do Artificial Sweeteners make you fat? MetCon Training, Attitude Adjustment Fit 239: Do Artificial Sweeteners make you fat? MetCon Training, Attitude Adjustment April 28, 2016 Rating: 5

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