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What's Up!

Apparently I didn't post this update. But so much more has happened since...

Update Early 2017

Where have I been....?

Sorry I've been missing for a while...But with good reason...

Let me update you on "where I've been and what's next!"

#1: New Video Series called QuickFit Tips on my Youtube channel.

eat to lose weightIf you didn't know already, I've been posting QuickFit Tips videos on the Getfittv channel on YouTube.

These videos aren't long, but are packed with useful info, tips and suggestions!

I plan on posting these videos every Tuesday or Thursday, so hit the subscribe button when you're watching!

#2: NEW QuickFit Club finally 100% complete!

This project seemed to take the longest! The workouts were the easy part, but the website.....OMG! But after three total redos, the site finally has everything I wanted!

You'll hear more about it on the podcast but here are some of the things I'm excited about:

* Social login (so much easier, right?!)
* Quickfit Workout Plans 
* Some free workout videos!
* Nutrition information
* More things that we'll be adding but for now, everything works perfectly!

Check the new site out, I know you'll love it and there's more to be added!

And finally..

#3: More work on my house and an interruption by Hurricane! 

* Of course, I'm also renovating a house by myself, you can see some of the progress at, there is still much to update that I've done and much more for me to do.

* Hurricane Matthew took two weeks of my life! The week before, was prep-getting out the shutters, figuring all that stuff out and trying not to kill myself in the process! The pink star is where we live! Luckily, the storm drifted east and we didn't get a direct hit! Then putting things back to normal. Alot of missed workouts in October!!

 * Unfortunately, the events of October threw off my plan for competition. Sure, I did some heavy lifting (of a golf cart and other things) but not my usual workouts. So, I'll be revising that goal, but I will still do a competition soon! And probably a video log during prep too.

So.... what have you been up to lately?

Send me a tweet or visit the FitGirlUSA Facebook page and let me know, I'd love to hear your antics too!


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