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Fit 247 Training Methods, Fad Diets, Visualization

You'll always get better results when you enter the gym with a plan! The next few podcasts focus on various methods of training to help you reach your goals and stay motivated. 
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Training: Method #1 Eccentric Exercise Methods.
Warmup with the range of motion for the intended exercise. Do not burnout, over fatigue or do high reps! One or two traditional warm-up sets at 50%-70% of what you normally lift for that exercise, along with some light stretches would make a good warmup.

As with all programs, the number of sets, reps and exercises will vary based on your goals, exercise history and fitness level. In this episode, you'll learn about three methods of eccentric training.

Method 1: Eccentric emphasis.
Here you focus on the lowering portion of the exercise. You can use variables such as a longer time of lowering or repetition schemes.  For example, if your regular pace is 3 count up and 3 count down, change it to 3 count up and 6 count down. Or just think of it as regular pace up and super slow down!

Method 2:  Supramaximal training.

The supramaximal is a controlled lowering of loads above the concentric 1 RM. Similar to the old school "negatives."  You may need some assistance on the concentric portion if you are using weights that are 110% to 120% your one rep max. Again, you can vary the repetition ranges, the weight or the lowering time.

Method 3: Two up: One down 
Start with 40-50% of the weight you would use.  Lift the weight up (concentric) with both limbs and then lower the weight with one limb; repeat the concentric phase and lower with the alternating limb.  You should aim for a one second lift and  lower with three seconds.

Fad diets-good or bad? Low carb, Keto, low fat, high fat, controlled portions, Scarsdale, Atkins, the list goes on! Some "fad" diets aren't so bad while others can wreck your metabolism! Balanced eating is always best. In this episode learn more about what fad diets are and how they can be damaging to your goals!

Think lean! Be realistic with your plan and find one that will fit your lifestyle or hire a trainer to help you design the right program for you.

Little changes last longer and have a bigger impact.  You need to cut out only 150 calories a day to lose 15 pounds in a year, so start small.

Visualize Establish a routine of relaxation and visualization.How do you walk? With your head held high! How do you dress? More boldly!  How do you feel? More confident, energized, and proud of your achievements!  Reinforce the person you want to be!

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Fit 247 Training Methods, Fad Diets, Visualization

Fit 247 Training Methods, Fad Diets, Visualization Fit 247 Training Methods, Fad Diets, Visualization January 30, 2020 Rating: 5

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