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Fit 195: Training mistakes, Pre-workout meals, and Lessons From The Biggest Loser TV Show.

In this episode:
Training mistakes to avoid in the new year, Pre-workout meals part 2, and three Lessons From The Biggest Loser TV Show.
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TRAINING: Don't make these mistakes!
Do you still see the same people, doing the same exercises and looking the same way?  Could this be  you?

Sure, at the gym, some people are in the maintenance mode, or have goals other than weight loss. However, you can always tell the weight loss goals by the amount of people on cardio! At the beginning of the year, you'll see many people working with trainers.  But a month or two later, you'll only see them on cardio, forgetting everything the trainer taught them about weight training and thinking “they know what to do.”

In this episode we discuss the most common and biggest training mistakes made in regards to weight loss.  Listen and find out about weight loss and running, inner/outer thigh machine, cardio only training, too much ab work and other training pitfalls!

NUTRITION: What to eat before a workout!
Pre-workout meals part 2!  Prior to your workout, a meal or snack is as essential and leaving enough time to digest it, is too.  A pre-workout meal helps you with better sustenance and to be able to train harder. A whey protein post-workout is great, but before a workout, real food is best.

Meat with nuts or low-glycemic fruits or vegetables are the best bet for a pre-workout meal.
Depending on when you workout, you may be able to incorporate this as a "snack" or a meal.   Meat provides protein to help optimal brain and physical production.  While, the nuts provide good fatty acids and slow digestion to improve insulin sensitivity.

Protein is essential for muscle building and weight loss. Most people who don’t make it a priority to eat more protein, are not getting enough of it for optimal body composition and muscle building.  You need both to boost your metabolism for permanent weight loss.

MOTIVATION: Three Lessons From The Biggest Loser 
If you've ever watched The Biggest Loser on TV, you'll see dramatic weight loss and startling new body shapes beginning to emerge. You may want the same results - and  begin to think it might be possible. But who has four or five hours a day to work out? Who can afford a personal trainer several times a week? And who has the luxury of their own personal adviser on calorie content and smart food choices? The answer is: not many people.

But you have to remember that this is television: it's a false situation.  As the players keep reminding themselves and the viewers: "This is a GAME. You have to make the most of your time here - it's going to be so much harder out in the real world." IS it harder in the real world? Probably. But you can take lessons away from watching this reality show. You can make it work for you, as well as for the contestants. Here are three practical and useful lessons you can put to use immediately.

1. Prioritize Weight Loss 
In fact, this tip is so simple that many people just overlook it. They try to fit exercise and meal planning around everything else in their lives, instead of making it a priority.

Think: what is most important: getting the weight off, and becoming fit enough to put years on your life - or watching another TV show?

Sit down with a pen and paper and allot at least one hour a day to planning meals, recording what you eat, and doing some form of exercise. You've still got 23 hours left to do everything else!

2. Exercise - and Enjoy!
What else do you notice in the Biggest Loser household? The more they exercise, the more they seem to enjoy it. Oh sure, they grunt and they groan; they sweat and they complain. But as the weeks go on, you'll hear them say things like: "I never thought I'd say that I look forward to working out - but now don't feel right if a day goes past without exercise!"

 The secret to enjoying exercise is finding what's right for YOU. If you don't really enjoy the gym, look for other forms of exercise. You need a mix of cardio and resistance training - but it doesn't have to be on machines. Walk, swim, dance, climb hills, push a wheelbarrow in the garden... there are endless choices that can be fun for you. Research what happens to various muscle groups - and to your heart - when you exercise, and pick activities that you will enjoy.

3. Identify the Triggers. 
Emotions run high when the contestants have to face their demons. Weight gain is rarely from just a physical cause. If you keep a food diary, and faithfully record not only what you eat but when (and why) you eat it, you'll soon see a pattern of emotional eating. What are YOUR triggers? Boredom? Tiredness? Family arguments?

In a future podcast, we'll learn how to identify these triggers, and work on strategies to defeat them. Create new habits and new thoughts. Grab my new book, (available in paperback) "Mindset Makeover," available at The Book Contact me for private coaching at

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Fit 195: Training mistakes, Pre-workout meals, and Lessons From The Biggest Loser TV Show.


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Fit 195: Training mistakes, Pre-workout meals, and Lessons From The Biggest Loser TV Show. Fit 195: Training mistakes, Pre-workout meals, and Lessons From The Biggest Loser TV Show. January 29, 2014 Rating: 5

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