Fit 027 Urban Striptease Aerobics with Tricia Murphy

An interview with Tricia Murphy, the creator of Urban Striptease Aerobics. This is an aerobic and dance workout that hits the core hard! This workout is also great for the glutes, inner and outer thighs and even great for increasing upper body strength! I have done the Urban Striptease Aerobic workout, and it is fun and actually a great lower back stretch too!
The website is

There are currently several dvds available:
Urban Striptease Aerobics
Urban Striptease Aerobics: "Booty Call"
Urban Striptease Aerobics - Volume 2

Tricia told me that the Urban Striptease Aerobics workout is a combination of aerobic choreography, exotic dance and some strength training. It is very much a mind-body workout that some people call “..more empowering than erotic..” Whatever you call it, it's a fun way to get cardio and definitely different! Their tag line is “A total body workout for the Sexy at heart!”

Tricia's own workouts include lots of cross-training and cardio. She enjoys the technogym kinesis workouts too. Tricia sees the next big thing in workouts to be “beaming” A balance beam type foam roller that can be used in all types of classes. She is currently developing an Urban Striptease Aerobic workout to do with the beam.

Thanks again to Tricia for taking some time from the SCW Fitness Convention to speak with me! Link to episode 27: Fit 027 Urban Striptease Aerobics with Tricia Murphy
Fit 027 Urban Striptease Aerobics with Tricia Murphy Fit 027 Urban Striptease Aerobics with Tricia Murphy June 04, 2008 Rating: 5

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  1. Urban Striptease Aerobics are AWESOME ! They work at a pace that is easy to keep up with, and they are all "real" girls, not trashy-looking porn star girls. It seems more like a fun and sexy dance than actually doing a workout ! I am DEFINITELY getting the volume two and booty call dvds !!! Highly Recommended ! Thanks to Tricia for giving all us girls something that makes us feel sexy and beautiful that is also good for us !!


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