Fit 034 Fitness Makeover Kit

The Fitness Makeover kit has been out for a few weeks now and the response has been great! In this episode, I'll tell you how to get the most from the kit and what is included in the kit. If you enjoyed the podcasts on the Weight Loss Workshop, then you will love the seminar DVDs in the Fitness Makeover! The seminars allow me to go into much greater detail on each subject of nutrition, control and exercise. The workbooks that accompany the DVDs are user friendly and support the examples used in the seminar presentations. The workbook also has additional sections with forms for goal setting, menu plans progress checks.

The Fitness Makeover kit is also called the Weight Loss Workshop. But it is not just for weight loss! Anyone who needs guidance in exercise program design, nutrition and motivation will benefit greatly from the program. In fact, many trainers have attended my live seminars on the Fitness Makeover and commented on how much real-world application the material has for them, as well as important info they didn't learn in certification courses.

The Fitness Makeover Website has all the details of the program! Here's a quick summary:

Four DVDs (one is a bonus!)
  • DVD 1: Workshop 1: Control
  • DVD 2: Workshop 2: Exercise
  • DVD 3: Workshop 3: Nutrition
  • DVD 4: Bonus 1: Exercise Instruction
  • Bonus 2: Timesaver workouts
Workbook Manual Sections:
  • Control
  • Exercise
  • Program Design
  • Nutrition
  • Bonus Worksheets & Forms
The Timesaver workouts are taken from my Allinoneworkout DVD series.
I also have a Weight Loss Workout series and am debating whether to put it on DVD or make the workouts available by download. Let me know your thoughts on that!

Also, in this episode, I share with you how I survived 3 weeks of vacation food, drinks and fun without gaining weight and only a few days of exercise! That's what you can enjoy too with the Fitness Makeover System!

Here's the interview: Link to Fit 034 Fitness Makeover Kit
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