Fit 043 Food, Stress & You

Stress and food are related, sometimes food causes you stress and sometimes stress causes you to eat the wrong foods. In this episode, learn how to distinguish the difference between kinds of stress. Included are several tools and checklists to get you on track and stay motivated!

Stress and Food
Are you masking the real problem or issue by turning to food? Focus on the true source of your stress! Don't add to your stress by abusing or turning to food! Deal with your emotions or issues head on! Use your mind to figure out the source of your stress. Take a look at what you can control:
  • Eat on schedule
  • proper food combinations
  • good food choices
  • avoid food when stressed
Food and Stress
Is food making you have a problem?
Low blood sugar levels can cause your body stress that can make you fat! Are you craving foods because you are lacking a nutrient in your menu plan? How do you determine if food is causing the problem:
  • Evaluate & analyze
  • Cravings
  • Leave your comfort zone
Exercise and Stress
Exercise to relieve stress! Every little bit helps!
Keep your muscles active to allow your stress to release! Your mind and body need the release and focus time that exercise provides you!

The Fitnessmakeover Kit has more details, worksheets and examples to help you overcome stress and food issues.

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  1. Kira,
    Just finished listening to this podcast and it is so, so good. Thank you! I am downloading the worksheets now.
    I'm an athlete, but have gotten lax with my nutrition. I am at the gym or outside running 10-12 hours a week, which keeps me pretty darn hungry. I need to remember to make better food (and drink) choices. Thanks again for this wonderful resource!


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