Fit 055 Ab Training Mistakes

Do you make mistakes while training abdominals? Listen and find out!

I could spent hours on abdominal training and the do's, don'ts and other info, but I will have to do several podcasts on this topic instead! I get many questions about abdominal training and how to lose weight in the midsection. Unfortunately, I still see many people at the gym doing ab exercises incorrectly, too fast or ones that are a waste of time. Besides reviewing which exercises are best for the abs, I am also going to tell you about the different ab muscles and their functions. Hopefully, that will give you a good picture in your mind while training abs and help you avoid common mistakes.

Remember, diet and cardio help eliminate fat that can be hiding your beautiful ab muscles! I'll tell you which foods to focus on and why for a tighter waist!

Ab muscles reviewed:
  1. rectus abdominis
  2. external oblique
  3. internal oblique
  4. transversus abdominis
Quick Fit tip:
Study shows that ab exercises do not spot reduce fat on the midsection!

This doesn't cover everything about ab training so expect some more podcasts on this topic!

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