Fit 059 Nutrition Questions, articles and updates

New articles on the website:
Back pain eliminated! What you need to do to keep your back healthy, flexible and pain free.

Understanding Food Labels. Learn how to read and decipher what food labels really mean! This is the difference between chossing a healthy food or a "pretend" healthy food!

The skinny on Slimfast and low cal diets. All meal replacement drinks (and bars) are not the same! Make sure you know your numbers!

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast? More good choices coming from DD but in this article, learn what you should be avoiding and why!

Updated on the site:
Workout Rotations a step by step plan to help you devise your workout rotation.

Listener questions about meal replacements, soup and sodium, fiber, calorie counting, grams of protein and carbs.

New e-books in the works on the Top 5 exercises for weight loss and top cardio programs for fat loss!

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