Fit 070 Your Mantra, More Veggies, Easy Exercise

What is your Mantra? Discover a few simple ways to eat more veggies! Easy Exercise #1 is a do anywhere workout!

You can use a mantra or self talk phrase to retrain the brain! You are what you think about! This tool helps tremendously when you are feeling l like you might give up. In the Fitness Makeover Control dvd , I explain how what you think, whether true or not, is a driving force in everything you do. This “self-talk” is vital to success in any platform, be it weight loss, athletics, or education. It is best to use an "I am" statement in your mantra. See the “I am Strong and Powerful” mantra on clothing at Fit Girl Gear. You can also use "trigger" phrases. Fitness Makeover Control dvd has more examples and info on how to retrain your brain!

Here's a few examples that could be your mantra. Whatever you choose, share it at the Fitness Forum!
“tight abs” “lean body” “dig a little deeper” “focus”

In episode Fit 069: Fibrous Carbs, you learned the importance of fibrous carbs aka veggies. Are you still looking for more ways to get these vegetables into your daily eating plan?
Here's four fun ways:
  1. Add veggies such as mushrooms, broccoli or onions to eggs or an omelet (not just for breakfast anymore!)
  2. Add more veggies to sandwiches. Lettuce, sprouts, radishes are all great in a sandwich!
  3. Add a packet of a phyto foods supplement or add a Green PhytoFoods Tablet
    to your protein drink, Myoplex Lite Shake or other MRP.
  4. Make a mix of your favorite ready to eat veggies and put in a portable container or ziploc baggie. If you are really pressed for time you can find pre-cut washed, vegetables at the grocery store. you may pay a little more but the work it all done for you!

Did you know you can do many exercises without a gym or any equipment? Here's an easy exercise to do when workout time is slim, or on a vaction, or you just need a mid-day energy boost!

Easy exercise #1: squat

It sounds worse than it is! You actually do a squat all the time! Any time you sit down then stand up again you do a squat! To make it more of a workout, you can do several things:
  1. Increase the speed of the movement. If you stand up and sit down quickly, you'll get the heart pumping! Do it 15 times and you'll feel it!
  2. Decrease the speed of the movement. Take those same 15 reps and make them super slow! Take 10 seconds to complete the entire movement!
  3. Don't sit. If at work, do your “squat” sits without actually putting your butt on a chair
  4. Hold a position. Take any-point during the squat and hold it for 5, 10 , 15 seconds or more-OUCH!
  5. If you are really crazy do all 4 in a row!

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