Fit 082 Analyze Your Workouts

Analyze your workout log to prevent plateaus and improve your progress. Use the power of community to keep you consistent in your workouts. An update on Whey Protein for weight management and a few announcements!

More validation that Whey Protein is essential for weight loss! It suppresses the appetite and keeps you full longer according to a 2007 Research study!

Analyze your workout log for these benefits:
  • motivation
  • accomplishment
  • challenge 
  • consistency
  • body changes 
The power of a community! Being accountable is a major step to weight loss and fitness success!  Knowing that your "community" expects to see you at the gym, or in class, or make a check-in at the Fitness Forum, provides you the extra push you might need on those days you are thinking of skipping a workout.

Comment to tell me your Country &/or state for the map!

Here's a link to the show: Fit 082 Analyze Your Workouts!
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