Fit 085: Thermogenesis, Fat Loss Exercises and Habits

Train your body to burn more calories! Thermogenesis is the secret of fat loss!  Three must do exercises for fat loss! Learn the what, why and how to use in a new book!  Can you answer the phrase "Practice makes __"? You'd be surprised  how many people put in the wrong word!

NUTRITION: Thermogenesis: There are easy ways to increase your thermogenesis in addition to adding muscle!
  • More Muscle 
  • Weight training 
  • Adequate caloric intake 
  • Frequent meals
  • Certain foods 

TRAINING: New book: Three "Must do" fat loss exercises!  These are the "go to" exercises when you are short on time or need a full body workout in a few minutes!

MOTIVATION: Help your self gain control with permanent habits! A little secret that gives big results!

Find out the answer to this question:
"Who is leaner, the Marathon Runner or the Sprinter?"

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