Fit 102: Accountability, Meals & Workouts

You'll find some great fitness resources, calculators and workouts at ClubFit! Including the article "Rules for Super-Shaping Meals!" You know what you should eat and what you should limit or avoid completely. Now, you need to fine tune your body shaping program by planning your meals appropriately. Whether in the gym, or at the table, you always need to have a plan! All the rules are effective, but Rule #6 is most important! Read the full article at ClubFit: Nutrition.

"As we sow, so we reap". Accountability can make a huge difference in your success. Do you what accountability means to you? Read more about it in this article, then download the excerpt from the book "Personal Transformation" for even more information. Use your thoughts to get in shape!

Accountability means more than just showing up to the gym. It means more than "trying" to eat right. Accountability means taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions.

Everything begins in thought! Have you considered your thoughts lately? Retrain your brain to use the right thoughts and you will make your fitness efforts easier!

Download the Accountability excerpt from ClubFit then, do the 2 exercises listed that will help you get in shape! You don't need any equipment or even shoes! Read and discover these little known secrets to weight loss, fitness and ultimate happiness!

Lower Body Burn Workout! this workout makes use of pre-fatigue sets to burn your lower body, especially the glutes and hamstrings! Watch the video demonstrations then get to the gym! Also, an excerpt from the Fitness Makeover Exercise Workshop. Learn how exercise is key to increasing your metabolism to break the diet cycle!

Find the full articles and more at ClubFit!

Listen to the show for all the details: Fit 102: Accountability, Meals & Workouts

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