Fit 107 Lunges, Fatigue, Motivation

Stationary lunges (aka split squats) are great for leg and butt shaping! There are some common errors I see in the gym and we discuss these in the podcast as well as how to do this exercise correctly. Some people complain about their knees when it comes to lunges &/or squats. However, you may not have to avoid this lunges &/or squats if you think you have "bad knees", since sometimes bad form is the culprit, not the exercises. If you feel lunges &/or squats in your knees, then it is a sure sign that you are not doing it right! Posted below and at
ClubFit, is a video of the proper form for stationary lunges aka split squats.

The Split Squat is part of the workout in WGT 011 Lower Body Butt Blast #4 for home or gym training. This workout is available free to Gold Members of

Vinegar for health, another quick tip on how to use vinegar for health! In this case, it can help with sleep and fatigue. Listen to the podcast to find out the secret recipe or get the book Vinegar for Health at the Fitness Makeover ProShop !

Part 2 of the personal development series-"what is your routine". We target your mid-day hours, lunch and afternoon snacks. What might be your obstacles and how to avoid them!

Listen to the show for all the details:Fit 107: Lunges, Fatigue and Motivation

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