Fit 110: Elliptical, Stepping Stones & Condiments

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What muscles are you using (or supposed to be using) on the elliptical crosstrainer. Find out if you make these common mistakes. Learn how to burn more calories!

Use “stepping stones” to reach your goal and keep you motivated. Learn about the three stepping stones that you must have if you want to achieve your weight loss and body shaping goals!

Can you use condiments and still lose weight? Find out which ones are acceptable and which ones will blow your diet!


Listen to the show for all the details:Fit 110: Elliptical, Stepping Stones & Condiments

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Fit 110: Elliptical, Stepping Stones & Condiments Fit 110: Elliptical, Stepping Stones & Condiments August 30, 2010 Rating: 5

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