Fit 118: Numbers for Nutrition & More!

Nutrition Focus: How to calculate the right numbers for nutrition for your body! Whether you want to lose weight, stay in shape or gain muscle, knowing your numbers will make your results quick and painless! Learn how to stop the diet yo-yo cycle at Use the calculators at ClubFit to get started! Find calculators for your nutrients at Clubfit.

Training Review: A review of the reverse curl and the best rep schemes for shape!

Motivation Preview: Do things differently! Same road=same results! Change that!
Keep a log and review your nutrition numbers each week! You'll get to your goal faster! Need ideas for new meals? Find nutritious meals in the Anabolic Cookbook.

Reminder! Download free time saver workout bf 01/31/11 details here.

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Fit 118: Numbers for Nutrition & More! Fit 118: Numbers for Nutrition & More! January 29, 2011 Rating: 5

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