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Fitness Analysis Summary, Free video cardio-sculpt timesaver workout and holiday gift ideas.

The Fitness Analysis Summary is quite interesting! The majority workout 3-4 x aweek or more, have the time to workout 3-4x/wk for 45-60 minutes, but need help with an exercise program and plan. Most are at the intermediate level and do more cardio than weight training (shame on you!). Most do not keep a nutrition log (shame again!). I was surprised that most workout at home (53%), and the gym & home combination (32%) was second place. I'll be creating more home training mp3s for you all!!

Not surprising, is that most need an exercise plan (84%) , a nutrition plan (75%) , help with goal setting (50%) and help with motivation and sticking to program (45% ). You can still get a Fitness Analysis at the Fitness Makeover Pro Shop.

Also, most people thought it would take 1-6 months to acheive their goal, but had been working on that goal for over a year! Hmmmm, what does that tell you? That it is time for a change and a new approach!

Let's make the new year one of solutions! There are plenty around such as Clubfit, Weight trackers menu plan, Custom Workouts and of course this podcast!

My holiday gift to you is a free video workout!
This is a quick, but intense cardio-sculpt time saver workout! Just go to the Fitness Makeover Pro Shop and put the Timesaver Workout Resistance Bands #1 in your cart and check out, you'll see the final price is $0.00!!! This workout is compatible with iphone/ipod/ and most media players. It's perfect for the hectic holiday season!

Gift certificates are available at the Fitness Makeover ProShop!

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